Everyone can
Make a Difference

GaiaKraft is a new generation of paper and is an excellent alternative to traditional paper. GaiaKraft is tree-free paper and made mostly from mineral (CaCo3) along with a small percentage of non-toxic resin.

GaiaKraft paper is produced without the use of water or any harmful chemicals such as acid or bleach. The great thing about this paper is that producing it does not pollute what nature has given us with toxic by-products.

It is every business' corporate responsibility to incorporate socially responsible policies. Incorporating policies to conserve our environment is one way of doing this. By using GaiaKraft, companies can expect to reduce their carbon foot print but also give back to environmental causes through the 1% for the Planet initiative. The more you use GaiaKraft, the more you give back and we give back too!

1 Percent for the Planet